You're my Number One! Here's why...

For the first time in this blog, an idea for something to be made by the parents only. It requires some work but no knowledge in sewing beyond the very basics!

Each of our kids is naturally Number One for us, but don't they deserve to know why?
It could be the fact that they often offer help, or persevere in projects they undertake, or their good treatment of the family pet - anything you appreciate about your kid. I would leave grades and their likes aside, but to each their own...

Here's how to make a Number One medal plus a little booklet in which you'll write praises and gradually add to them, so that the kid can read and find a lovely cause for pride and satisfaction.


1. Cut out a circle of fabric, around 5-6 inches/ 12-15 cm in diameter (you can use a plate to mark the circle with a pen or a chalk).
2. Sew the circle's edges using a long enough double string, and the simplest stitch: up and down, up and down, in the same direction. Beauty and precision don't matter - this won't be seen.
In case you are an absolute beginner in stitching: don't forget to make a knot in the beginning, so that the string doesn't come out...!
3. Once you reach the end:
4. Gently pull the string...
5. ...until you get this nice shape which I'll call a flower. Tie a little knot in the string next to the end of the flower, but don't cut it yet and leave the needle there (unless you only have one).
6. Make another, smaller flower (around half the size) in the same way. Tie the string and cut the excess part.

7. Using the string you left connected to the larger flower, sew the smaller one to the larger. Any form of sewing will do (improvisation included), so long as it attaches the two flowers to each other. 

8. You now need a button, a coin or any kind of small disk; a small piece of fabric, enough to cover the button from both sides; some string in a color different from that of the fabric; and some sort of ribbon (around 8 inches/ 20 cm long).
9. Sew the number "1" in the middle of the fabric circle, making sure it isn't larger than your button. This only requires three stitches - one for each line of the number "1" (or two if you omit the bottom line).
10. Cover the button with the fabric with the number "1" and sew the fabric on the back.
11. This is what should come out.
12. Sew the button to the middle of the smaller flower.
13. Time for the ribbon!
14. Fold it in two and cut.
15. Cut one edge of both ribbons in the shape of an inverted triangle.
16. Sew to the back of the larger flower. Make sure the ribbons are at the bottom, relative to the number "1" at the front of the medal!

17. If you add a safety pin to the back of the medal, your kid can also wear it.
18. Your medal is ready! You may want to make several, if you have several kids, like I did!

The medal is nice, but I think what comes next is the nicest. First make a board for the medal:
19. Take a piece of thick cardboard and cover it up with something nice. For instance:
20. aluminium foil;
21. and then some orange cellophane.
22. The result is flashy and happy!

Add a small booklet made of papers cut to the right size, some cardboard cover, and a ribbon to attach all together through punched holes (see first photo above).

You can also see in that photo that I attached both the medal and the booklet to the board using hook-and-loop fasteners.

Now comes the best part: write in the booklet anything positive about your kid, as often as possible, so that it quickly fills and you need to replace it with a new one!