History? The Most Fascinating Lesson!

Homemade History Lesson

Some kids (and adults) mistakenly understand "history" to be an account of past wars and an exhausting list of dates. Why not correct them?

What could be more intriguing than researching past times and how people used to live, including their costumes, habits, music and games? - Maybe the preliminary question of how historians gather their information. How do they know?!

I sent the kids - along with a magnifying glass, a flashlight and a notebook - to look for evidence for the history of their own house. What kind of evidence do you think is available? Was the house always in its present shape? Are there any signs of changes made? Was it renovated? Can the kids interview anyone who's lived there before? Maybe their parents?... And what about old photos?

The kids refused to stop the "history lesson" even after a long while!...