Photography Games

Photography Games: Size and Distance Illusions

No expensive accessories are necessary to discover the marvellous joys of photography... :-)

Kids usually like to photograph. It's hard to blame them: photography allows not only to capture fleeting moments, but also to experience new points of view: focusing on small details; experimenting with new angles; looking anew at long-familiar things...

Here are two ideas for photography "games" to interest the kids in this art, and of course, allow for a burst of creativity:

Distance and size: Two-dimensional photography flattens the world, and so large but far objects seem to be the same size as small, near objects. This is a very fertile ground for playing with a camera - we'd love to see your own creations, like this "bag of surprises" seen above!

Photography Games: Colorful Filters

Colorful filters: make some filters out of transparencies and cellophane, and put them in front of the camera while photographing. No instructions are needed: within seconds you'll have the kids raise more ideas than you can think of... ;-)