Your Personal Notebook Binding

A Cereal Box DIY Notebook Binding

A very simple idea, suitable also for binding the Passover Haggadah :

Choose a cereal box large enough to fit your notebook (we chose to bind an A4 writing pad with no binding of its own).

Cut the two large box panels; one will serve as a front cover, the other as a back cover, and... that's actually it! From now on, let your imagination run free in decoration and preparation. It's a good idea to cover each panel with nylon or transparencies before binding, especially if you glue gentle decorations onto it. Punch holes through the covers and notebook or writing pad, thread a string through the holes and tie together.

How to use the notebook? - be imaginative here too: write stories or draw cartoons. Describe interesting experiences. Write down your thoughts and get back to them later to reexamine them - this is a great launch point for philosophical thinking. Think up and write ideas for activities you would like to later engage in, things you would like to invent, topics you'd like to explore; reminders for questions you haven't found an answer for yet, and so on. If you have an interesting use for this notebook, share it here in the comments!