Cereal Box Cylinder Hat Loot Bag

DIY Cylinder Hat Loot Bag 1

Perfect for birthdays, holidays or any other celebration!

What is needed:
- An empty cereal box (preferably a large one)
- Another (possibly smaller) box, or a piece of cardboard
- Scissors and glue; decorating materials

DIY Cylinder Hat Loot Bag 2

First, open and spread the cereal box as seen in the photo. Cut out one of the large panels (left side of photo); cut the second one leaving two of its tiny adjacent panels: one lengthwise and one widthwise (right side of photo).

Cereal Box Cylinder Hat Loot Bag 3

Decorate either now or once the cylinder is ready. Here we taped leftover wrapping paper on the outer side of the cylinder and aluminum foil on its inner side. We covered both sides with protective nylon. Note the little triangles we cut along the narrow, long panel (in the upper part of the photo), so that a line of little trapezoid tabs is formed. When we roll the cardboard to form the cylinder's tube, these tabs will use to paste it to the brim.

Now roll the main rectangle to a cylinder and glue: let the extra side panel overlap part of the main panel, and glue the overlapping parts.

Cereal Box Cylinder Hat Loot Bag 4

1. The rolled cylinder.
2. Cut a circle - the largest possible - out of the second cereal box panel, and a second circle inside the first one, the size of the cylinder's circumference.
3. Alternatively, put the cylinder on the circle and mark the circumference with a pencil; cut accordingly.
Paste the cylinder to the circle using the little trapezoid tabs: fold them outwards and paste to the brim. Decorate before or after pasting.

Cereal Box Cylinder Hat Loot Bag 5

Put the top end of the cylinder over the third, smaller cardboard piece and mark the circumference with a pencil. This circle is to be the hat's top. Draw a somewhat larger circle around it to create gluing tabs here as well.
Of course, this circle can be decorated as well. In the examples shown we covered the whole outer side of the hat with wrapping paper leftover, and the whole inner part - with aluminum foil and a circle of silver-colored self adhesive film (the shiny circle in the photo).

All that's left is to turn over the hats and fill them with goods... Enjoy! :-)

Cereal Box Cylinder Hat Loot Bag 6