Family Valentine's Chocolates

Drawing with Chocolates

Sweet, tasty and creatively imaginative - can you think of a better way to celebrate a family Valentine's Day?...

Here are three ideas to double the joy of chocolates:

1. An edible chocolate drawing: every child receives a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper to draw on. Melt the chocolate in a bain-Marie (double boiler) or in a microwave. For a bain-Marie: put the chocolate in a small pot, and put the pot inside a larger pot with boiling water (so the pot with the chocolate does not directly touch the flame). If you use a microwave, melt the chocolate for about 30 seconds for 50 grams, mix well with a spoon, and reheat until the chocolate is fully melted and smooth.

Dip some drawing tool in the melted chocolate: a wooden craft stick, a handle of a spoon or a teaspoon, a little brush, or even... a finger - and draw. Using several colors (bittersweet, milk and white chocolate) creates charming designs. Obviously, melt each color in a separate bowl. Try to make your drawing at least 2-3 mm thick, so that it peels off the paper once chilled. When done drawing, carefully take the sheet to the fridge and let harden. Peel your drawing and enjoy! Good art is a matter of taste... :-)

Chocolate Leaves

2. Chocolate leaves: pluck some leaves and wash them well with soap and water. Smear the leaves with chocolate (again, use a thick layer), and leave in the fridge to set. peel off and enjoy. This is a great cake decoration!

Chocolate Cat Tongues (Katzenzungen)

3. Chocolate in molds: we used this "cat tongues" ("Katzenzungen") inner package as a mold to create our own tricolor "cat tongues". Ice molds in various shapes will also fit wonderfully. Pour the liquid chocolate inside, let harden in the fridge, and... enjoy! :-)