Make Your Own Easy and Safe Snow-Globes

Snow Globes

The home version of snow-globes is very fun and easy to make, and since we used plastic jars - it is safe as well. What do we need?

Snow Globes 1

- A small plastic jar with a lid; we used small chewing gum jars.
- Small figurines or decorations; for instance, "surprise egg" toys. Alternatively, you can make your own (for instance, out of polymer clay).
- Glitter, confetti, sequins, tiny craft gems or any small, glittery decoration.
- Obviously... water.

Choose a figurine or other decoration, and make sure it fits into the jar. We will glue it to the jar's lid, so that when we close the lid, the figurine is upside down. Eventually, the jar will be standing on its lid, positioning the figurine properly. It is best to use a hot glue gun to attach the figurine, with adult supervision, of course. If you use another kind of glue, be sure to wait until it's fully dried (a couple of hours, if necessary) before allowing the figurine to get wet.

Now comes the best part: spread the glittering decorations generously in the jar, until a nice layer is formed at the bottom:

Snow Globes 2

Now fill with water almost to the rim (don't forget to leave some room for the figurine); close the lid and glue it. Let dry.

Snow Globes 3   Snow Globes 4

All that's left is to shake! :-)

Snow Globes 5