A Philosophical Game

A Young Scholar

Seemingly very simple, yet you'll be surprised at the depths of thought this will lead you too.

Credit goes to a bright young philosopher of nine, who invented this course of a game: 

one person asks a question (any question), the other answers, the former responds with a question relating to the answer. To win, you need to be able to reasonably answer five (or ten, for advanced players) consecutive questions.

For instance:
- What is a question?
- A request for information.
- What is information?
- Knowledge.
- What is knowledge?
- Something you believe in, which is true, and you can rightly justify it.
- How do you justify beliefs?
- You find reasons and arguments which support the belief.
- How do you know that they support the belief?
- You use logic.

Responder wins! :-)

Any kind of question works, but of course, not any kind of answer. What qualifies an answer as "reasonable"? Oh, that's a new game altogether... feel free to respond below! :-)