How and Why to Introduce Your Kids to Dancing?

Whether your kids dance or not, it is good to be aware of the potential of dance activities for kids. A nice "HowStuffWorks" article explains that "Dancing is easy, great exercise, and just plain fun for all ages. It's also a simple way to introduce kids to many different styles of music". I might add that dancing is great for developing creativity, a better sensory perception, self-discipline (when learned seriously over time) and is a great way to release excess energy. Did I mention it is great fun?...

The above-mentioned article includes several interesting suggestions for fun and useful dance activities.

For those with artistic tendencies or a profound interest in dancing, classical ballet is highly recommended for developing a basic technique. The New York City Ballet has developed a nice "Ballet Alphabet" explaining to kids about basic Ballet terminology and history. Don't miss out on their very nice coloring book!

After you've tried out some online ballet puzzles, and if you haven't so far - it's time to get up and move! Try, for instance, some Hip-Hop moves, and if you dare, go on to pirouette. Try not to fall...

There are innumerous dancing styles for you and your kids to try out. Listening to as many different musical genres is a first step toward finding your favorite. Keeping an open mind comes next, allowing for thrilling new discoverings. Not being afraid to look silly is a must!

Enjoy your dance!